ECRB Mobile Battery Service

We bring you mobile battery service 24/7 to ensure you’re in control whenever your vehicle loses charge! Our mobile battery trucks are equipped with batteries and equipment to service all types of vehicles. Whether you need assistance with your car, van, truck or semi, ECRB is your source for mobile battery service around the clock! ECRB offers a full range of mobile battery solutions from offering battery replacement to providing jumpstarts and other services to resolve your electrical issue.

No matter where you are within our service area, we will quickly be on the way to your exact location and provide the roadside assistance you need. From the parking lot of your office to the highway and even the driveway in front of your house, we offer mobile battery service to customers anywhere in Essex County and the surrounding areas.

AAA Quality Service

Sending our battery trained technicians, we offer fast, effective and high quality mobile battery service. We are AAA’s choice for roadside assistance in Essex County, providing the level of quality you have come to expect from the nation’s largest auto club. Whenever your vehicle is experiencing electrical issues, give us a call! If it turns out that your car does in-fact require a new battery, we’re happy to assist you. Our trained technicians carefully remove your car’s battery and replace it with a brand-new battery. AAA offers branded batteries that feature a warranty of 72 months guaranteed throughout the country. When your AAA battery gives out within that time, a certified AAA service provider will assist you no matter where you are in the US.

Need a New Battery?

How old is your battery? Has it ever given you issues during use? Ever experience loss of power? When you speak to our technicians, be sure to answer these questions and inform us of anything that could assist us in making an accurate diagnosis. Our battery trained technicians will arrive fully equipped with the tools necessary to test the electrical systems of your car and determine if you need a new battery. From wiring issues to alternator trouble, there are many reasons why a car might experience electrical issues other than your battery. Rest assured, we perform accurate tests to your vehicle’s electrical system to see if a new battery is needed or if there is something else going on.


On this freezing cold day, of course my battery went dead, ECRB to the rescue. Fast, efficient service with the added plus of a pleasant, courteous technician, Thanks Benny!!

Not only was the driver great but the lady on the phone was very kind and helpful, and to top it all off... they were $60 cheaper than everyone else.

Luckily, I was able to get the issue efficiently repaired and remedied on the spot. I appreciated Benny's professional, friendly, and knowledgeable approach, and that he was able to take care of my problem right away.